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Bengal Harvest Pure Mustard Oil- 1 Liter

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Bengal Harvest Pure Mustard Oil

Bengal Harvest Pure Mustard Oil is a vegetable oil made from pressing pure mustard seeds. The result is an oil that's great for external use or as a dietary supplement, allowing you to experience its benefits in various ways. The flavor of mustard oil is very strong—much like the flavor of mustard itself. It's high in good fats which makes it good for your cholesterol, and its high smoking point makes it a good oil for deep frying. In Bangladesh mustard oil is the traditional oil and at our village its still now the main cooking oil. Bengal Harvest Pure Mustard Oil has the flavor of our village purity and the purity. 

Some Benefits of Bengal Harvest Pure Mustard Oil:

1.Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

2.Boosts Cardiac Health

3.Very high in vitamin E

4.Improves Hair Health

5.Relieves Cold And Cough

6.Contains Antibacterial and Anti-fungal Properties

7.Benefits the Skin

8.Reduces Pain Associated with Inflammation

9.Relaxes and Rejuvenates the Body and Stimulates Blood Flow; and many more...

 Why Bengal Harvest's Mustard Oil:

1.Natural quality product

2.Adulteration free

3.Healthy and Nutritious.

4.Processed from pure seeds

5.No artificial flavor and chemical 

6.Maximum Level of purity is ensured

7.Made in our own supervision 

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