Khejur Jhola Gur 1kg (খেজুরের ঝোলা গুড়) [50gm+-]

Khejur Gur Patali 1kg (50gm+-)

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Brand: Bengal Harvest
Product Code: Khejur Gur Patali 1kg
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Patali Gur - Now available on your favorite Bengal Harvest!

A very renowned name "Patali Gur"; Patali Gur (Date Palm Jaggery), also known as Khejur Gur, is a Bengali winter delicacy and is well known to all Bengali people for its aroma. We collect it from our own reliable source which ensures us 100% purity. 

Why Bengal Harvest Patali Gur?

1.Natural quality product

2.Adulteration free fresh patali gur

3.Maximum Level of purity is ensured

4.No artificial flavor , chemical and preservative

5.Directly collected from production place (village) on our own supervision.

6.Total purity is assured

7.Stored with perfection

8.Never compromised with taste and quality

9.The promise of best products for your healthy life.


   1. Please store the sweet in a dry airtight container in Refrigerator.

   2. The photograph shown is for representation purposes only.  The actual product may vary in texture and/or shape.

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