Sundarban Natural Raw Honey (সুন্দরবনের প্রাকৃতিক র-মধু) - 500gm

Mix Flower Natural Honey - 500gm

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Brand: Bengal Harvest
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Bengal Villages Mix Flower Natural Honey 

Honey contains vitamin B-complex. This vitamin B complex relieves constipation. Honey helps prevent diarrhea. So those who are prone to diarrhea, diarrhea or stomach upset can consume honey regularly. Mix flower honey collected from different villages of our country. It's most demanding honey because there have different kind of test of different flowers. One of the mix honey which is collected from village from a mango tree where we found maximum mango flower nectar. So its test was sweet with raw mango flavor.

If you have any confusion about its originality, we will strongly recommend that we collect all our honey standing in front of the collection zone, and we - the Bengal Harvest Family dream to get the most trustworthy position in your family being the best reliable source for your 100% pure food demand.

Some Benefits of Raw Pure Honey

1. Nature's Energy Booster

2.     Alternative to sugar

3.     Great health benefits

4 .    Restrict cancer cell growth

5.     Helps fight off harmful bacteria

6.     Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties

7. Immunity System Builder

8. Honey is Anti-Cancer!

9. Honey is Brain-Booster

10. Honey Remedy for Ailments

11. Antioxidant Powerhouse

12. Sleep Promoter

13. Diabetes Aid

14. Natural Cough Syrup

15. Help for Digestive Issues

16.  Natural Remedy, Adulteration free and Maximum Level of purity is ensure.

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